The Cast:


Veteran actor Daniel Butler, from Nashville Tennessee, co-starred and wrote all the “Ernest” films and TV shows back in the 80s and 90s, including Earnest Goes to Camp, Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Saves Christmas, and many more. Daniel also created, wrote, and hosted the TV show America’ Dumbest Criminals, and wrote the NY Times bestseller of the same name.


Andrew Chamberlain, from Princeton, New Jersey, has been acting in films for four years. His first feature, Hide Your Smiling Faces, had its World Premiere at the Berlin Intl. Film Festival and its North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013. Recent TV credits include Elementary (CBS) and Law & Order: SVU (NBC). He recently completed the feature film Happy Baby.


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Edith is a 60+ year veteran of the entertainment industry. Her earliest credits include live radio soap operas, such as Guiding Light and Our Gal Sunday. She then played the lovely “Indian” Princess Summerfall Winterspring on the Howdy Doody Show. Edith’s later film credits include Robocop III, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


Matt is a professional “extreme puppeteer” and animatronic designer currently based in Wilmington, Delaware. Matt has performed inside bear puppets on stage, in national TV spots, and in films and music videos around the world—from the North Pole to China, from Brazil to Zimbabwe.